PAN link with aadhar card online | PAN Aadhar link

PAN link with aadhar card online | How to link pan card with aadhar card | PAN Aadhar link

Link Aadhaar with PAN or Permanent Account Number. 

For PAN Aadhar link the following steps to be followed.

Step-1: Go to the site and click on Link Aadhar on the left side of the screen.

PAN Aadhar link

Step-2: After clicking Link Aadhar following page will be showing

Enter the PAN Number ( For example ABCDE1234F)

Enter the AADHAR Number ( For example 1234 4567 8901)

Enter the Name as per Aadhar (that means your Name displayed on Aadhar card)

After that, if in your Aadhar card is only showing your birth year then tick mark on I have only year of birth in Aadhar Card otherwise remain untick.

Tick mark on I agree
and enter Captcha Code as in the Image 

PAN Aadhar link
PAN Aadhar link

Click on Link Aadhaar button

Your PAN Aadhar link online is successful.

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