How to invest in SIP in india | How to investment in mutual funds Direct plan in india | How to invest in Parag Parikh Mutual funds (PPFAS) in india

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How to invest in SIP in India | How to invest in mutual funds Direct plan in India

If you want to invest in mutual funds following some points should keep in mind.
  1. PAN CARD is mandatory for investment in mutual funds.
  2. You should have a bank account. (With net banking)
  3. Your KYC should be registered in any of the KYC registration agencies.
  4. If you don’t have KYC registered than you can only invest up to Rs.50000
  5. Select the mutual funds in which you want to invest. (I am choosing PARAG PARIKH LONG TERM EQUITY FUND only for understanding)
  6. Investments are subject to market risk.
The following steps should be followed for investment.

Step 1: Go to the website 

Step 2: Click on the Investor corner.

Step 3: Click on the Online center.

Step 4: Click on the Invest online in mutual funds.

Step 5: Click on mutual funds logo of which you want to invest ( I am choosing Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Funds i.e. PPFAS )

Step 6: Now you get the main page of mutual funds AMC (Assets Management Company) website. then tick mark on I agree and click on the login and invest button.

Step 7: Click on the Create your Folio.

Step 8: Fill the appropriate box (i.e. Name, Email ID, Mobile No.) & tick mark on self and press submit.

Step 9: Now enter your Pancard Number & press check KRA.

Step 10: If you are eligible click on the proceed button.

Step 11: Now you have two options to invest either lumpsum or SIP. ( I am selecting SIP) & click proceed.

Step 12: Select Scheme of your mutual funds & Direct plan for self-investment. if you select a regular plan than you have to fill broker code. in the direct plan, there is no need to fill because it is self-generated.

Step 13: Fill the first applicant details. The first applicant is the person who wants to invest. i.e. your name.
Mode of Holding should be single.

Step 14: Fill SIP details.
Initial Amount: At the moment you have to invest a minimum Rs.1000.
Future SIP Amount: Your monthly Investment like Rs.1000 per month, Rs.2000 per month, Rs.4000 per month, etc. it may be any amount. it may be monthly, quarterly, weekly, etc.
iSIP Date: Date on which you have to Deduct your sip amount every month, Quarterly, or weekly.
& fill the start date and end date of your investment. term period.

Step 15: Provide your bank details (All the details are mentioned in your bank passbook)

Step 16: Provide your Nominee details like Father, Mother, Children, Sister and any person to whom this money will take in future after you.
Step 17: Select payment type (Net banking, debit/credit card, etc.) and click on pay now.

Step 18: After payment Initial Amount, your sip is started.


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